Welcome to the New SkyNews.ca

On behalf the entire SkyNews team,  welcome to our new and improved web site!

GS and KHW on Kobau

SkyNews.ca editor Gary Seronik (right) and contributing editor Ken Hewitt-White await sunset at the Mt. Kobau Star Party.
Courtesy Ellen Rooney

Yes, the well-worn phrase “new and improved” gets trotted out far too often, but in this case, we really do think the changes we’ve made result in a web page that’s both refreshingly new, and features usability and organization that amount to a vast improvement.  Of course, that’ll be for you to judge — so poke around and see if you agree.

Apart from some pretty obvious cosmetic and structural changes (thanks to our lovely, and talented web designer,  Ellen Rooney), the main improvement we hope you’ll appreciate is that new, high-quality content will be added much more frequently.  You’ll continue to enjoy the superb writing from familiar SkyNews contributors — including Alan Dyer, Ken Hewitt-White, and of course, Terence Dickinson himself — just more often. And we’ll be focusing our efforts to provide you with solid information on how you can enjoy the night sky from your backyard.  (Be sure to check out our “This Week’s Sky” feature before heading outdoors for an evening of viewing.)  The sky show is ever changing, and SkyNews.ca is one place where you can find out about the best and most interesting sights.  Of course you’ll also find we have a storehouse of related articles to help you get the most out of your time under the stars, or to pass cloudy nights when you just want to settle in for a good read.

Along with our established editorial voices, there’s another we’d like to add: yours.  If you’ve had an interesting observing session, or if you’ve taken a photo you’re particularly happy with, let us know about it!  We’d love to share your experiences with the rest of our SkyNews community by posting them here. You can chime-in on individual articles in the comments comment section, or  e-mail me directly.  We look forward to hearing from you!

As your SkyNews.ca editor, I’d like to personally encourage you to send us your feedback on what we have here.  This site exists for you, so let us know if there’s something you’d like to see more of, or if there are aspects of the site that you think can be improved.

Finally, as they customarily say at the start of every planetarium presentation, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.  The universe is a mighty big place, but we’re really hoping you’ll regularly stop by and visit our little corner of it here at SkyNews.ca.

Gary Seronik

SkyNews.ca editor

E-mail: gseronik@SkyNews.ca.

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11 comments on “Welcome to the New SkyNews.ca
  1. Ken Hewitt-White says:

    Hey, who’s the weird-looking guy in the photo with the huge white sneakers?

  2. The new layout is clean and I know I can make the font larger at my end, but I think a larger font on your end would be better. For example, if your font is 8 make it a 10. If 10, make it a 12.

    • Thanks Stan. We’ll consider increasing the font size for our articles. Besides zooming in to read our articles, you can also use “reader” mode if your browser supports it.

  3. Alan Dyer says:

    Very nice site! Kudos to all. Much cleaner and uncluttered, and easier to navigate. be sure to post a note about it on the SN Facebook Page and Twitter feed.

  4. David Gray says:

    Great improvement to your website!

    I like the section “This Weeks Sky” but I would also like to see news headlines or RSS feeds related to Astronomy etc added. Will you be planning to do this in future?

  5. Jeff Beairsto says:

    The new site looks nice. I’m hoping that “this week’s sky” might prompt me to increase the frequency of my viewing sessions.

  6. Great to see Skynews aggressively tackling the on-line segment!!

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