September/October 2015

Here’s what you’ll find in the September/October 2015 issue of SkyNews.

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Photo of the Week Contest Winners

Here’s our selection for our 13th annual photo contest — the best of the best from our readers who submitted images over the past year.

Dragonfly Catches Galactic Prey

Cutting-edge astronomical research is performed through the imaginative use of an array of small telescopes.
Dan Falk

Editor’s Report: Our Galaxy on View

September is peak time for Milky Way gazing and imaging.
Terence Dickinson

Exploring the Night Sky: The Last Lunar Eclipse

On the evening of September 27, the last total eclipse of the Moon until January 2018 turns the full Moon a deep red for viewers across Canada.
Alan Dyer

Northern Nights: Analyzing Andromeda

Stare at a photo of the Great Andromeda Galaxy. What do you see? A picture on a page or a study in space-time?
Ken Hewitt-White

Other Worlds: First Mars-Sized Exoplanet

Astronomers are still in the early stages of discovering the rich variety of planets orbiting other stars.
Ivan Semenuk

Scoping the Sky: A Fine Galaxy With Extras

Take a long look at NGC7331. This moderately bright galaxy in Pegasus is a miniature version of the Great Galaxy in Andromeda.
Ken Hewitt-White

On The Moon: The Great Black Lake on the Moon

One of the most eye-catching features on the lunar surface is also one of the most fascinating.
Gary Seronik

Wilderness Astronomer: ‘Weatherproof’ Rocky Mountain Stars

Jasper opens North America’s first full-time planetarium in a dark sky preserve.
Peter McMahon

Constellation Corner: Capricornus

What manner of beast is this? Half fish, half goat.
Ken Hewitt-White

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