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September/October 2012

Sept/Oct 2012

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A Dark-Sky Site 30 Minutes from Hwy. 401

The most southerly dark-sky site in the province that is still ‘in the dark.’
Terence Dickinson

A Walk Around Imbrium

Explore the Moon’s magnificent 1,200-kilometer-diameter impact basin.
Gary Seronik

Point Pelee National Park

If you’ve got an interest in birding or astronomy, I’ve got a great observing location for you!
Peter McMahon

Spring’s Triple Crown

Within the space of just 17 days, my wife and I enjoyed three major events in the sky.
David H. Levy

Apocalypse When?

Earth as we know it has a two-prong apocalyptic future that appears to be a certainty.
Ray Villard

The Pac-Man Lives

NGC 281, an obscure nebula in Cassiopeia, is within range of almost any telescope on a dark, clear night.
Ken Hewitt-White

Ladies and Gentlemen, Appearing for the Last Time this Century

June’s transit of Venus across the face of the Sun was widely observed from Canada.

10th Annual Photo of the Week Contest Winners

Choosing the winners of this contest gets harder each year, as the quality of submissions steadily ratchets upward.

The Milky Way at its Best

The highlight of the autumn evening sky is our own Milky Way Galaxy.
Alan Dyer

Runaway Stars

Some stars in the Milky Way are runaways — visitors from distant regions of the galaxy.
Glenn LeDrew

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