September/October 2019

A visual feast: Winners of our 17th Annual Photo Contest


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SkyNews 17th Annual Photo of the Week Contest: And the Winners Are . . .

A tremendous crop of superb reader images made selecting the “best of the best” extremely challenging.

Exploring the Night Sky: Outer Planet Views

It’s prime time for a pair of distant worlds, and the annual Harvest Moon rises.
Alan Dyer

Cosmic Enigma: Beyond the Horizon

Astronomers now know what a black hole looks like. Their next challenge is understanding what they’re seeing.
Ivan Semeniuk

Product Review: Orion’s Economical Astrograph

This 6-inch f/4 Newtonian reflector offers a low-cost route to deep-sky imaging
Gary Seronik

Scoping the Sky: The Great Pegasus Cluster

Put this impressive globular on your light-bucket list.
Ken Hewitt-White

On the Moon: Sailing an Elusive Lunar Sea

Timing is everything for viewing limb-hugging Mare Australe.
Gary Seronik

The Binocular Sky: M27: The Distant Dumbbell

The famous nebula is well within reach of common binoculars.
Ken Hewitt-White

Constellation Corner: Cygnus

In ancient times, Cygnus was a huge swan in graceful flight along the Milky Way.
Ken Hewitt-White

Plus: Sky News Briefs, Editor’s Report, Parting Shot and much more!

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