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SkyNews is committed to maintaining the privacy of those who visit our website. Occasionally we make our magazine’s subscriber list available to carefully screened companies whose products and services may be of interest to our readers. If you prefer to have your name removed from this list and not receive these mailings, please use the contact information below to inform us. On-line subscriptions are processed through PayPal (, a third-party financial service contracted by SkyNews. We only receive the contact information that is provided during your transaction. SkyNews does not receive your financial information and does not have access to it. SkyNews processes subscriptions upon notification from PayPal that the transaction has successfully occurred. On occasion, you may be contacted by SkyNews via the e-mail address provided during the transaction to be notified of special offers. If you wish not to be contacted, please use the contact information below to inform us. Please note that PayPal uses a cookie during the on-line transaction to ensure that the item(s) you wish to purchase are processed. Non-identifiable information is collected from each visitor to the SkyNews website via a third-party service contracted by SkyNews. When you visit our website, information such as which pages were viewed, time visited or which browser is used can be monitored for statistical purposes by SkyNews only. These statistics do not contain personally identifiable information. We welcome image submissions from readers. Images will be retained indefinitely for future possible use in both the magazine and/or the website unless you request otherwise.You will find links to other websites contained within the SkyNews website. Our privacy policy is applicable only to our website and it is recommended that those visiting other websites be aware of that particular company’s on-line privacy policy. Every effort has been made to ensure that the links within the SkyNews website are appropriate for our visitors.

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