Remarkable NGC7129 in Cepheus by Roger Ménard

Photo of the Week for November 23, 2018

Remarkable NGC7129 in Cepheus by Roger MénardThe night sky is full of wonderful, mysterious and beautiful sights. And as familiar as many deep-sky denizens are, there are plenty more to discover. Take NGC7129 in Cepheus. It’s rarely photographed despite being a fantastically interesting object. The nebula’s blue-tinted dust haze is illuminated by a clutch of newborn stars (perhaps only a few million years old) while the tiny, crescent-shaped red strands are Herbig-Haro objects energized to luminescence by ultraviolet light.

Roger Ménard photographed NGC7129 from his backyard observatory in Sainte-Sophie, Quebec. For the final image he combined a total of six hours exposure data (shot through red, green and blue filters) captured with a ZWO ASI 1600MM cooled CMOS camera and a Celestron Edge HD 14 telescope working at f/7.7 (with focal reducer).

(Click on the image to see a bigger version.)

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One comment on “Remarkable NGC7129 in Cepheus by Roger Ménard
  1. Marie-Andrée says:

    Très belle photo

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