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Late Season Sunspots by Daniel Borcard

Photo of the Week for May 15, 2015

Late Season Sunspots by Daniel BorcardThe current solar cycle (24) has been an odd one featuring an ill-defined peak of modest amplitude. And yet, it has produced some spectacular auroras and sunspots, including the giant group (AR2192) that crossed the Sun’s face last October. Although solar maximum occurred in the summer of 2014, the solar disc is still occasionally dotted with large spots, like those that appear in this detailed image by Daniel Borcard. This sunspot group, designated AR2339, is just now completing its journey across the Sun.

Borcard captured this view with his 140mm f/7 TEC apochromatic refractor telescope equipped with a Baader AstroSolar solar filter (density 5), TeleVue 2× Barlow lens, Wratten 25 visual filter and a Point Grey Grasshopper 3 CCD camera.

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