November/December 2017

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Cassini Bids Farewell To Saturn

The most prolific planetary mission in the history of outer solar system exploration has left an enduring visual legacy.
Ivan Semeniuk

SkyNews Solar Eclipse Contest

Here’s a roundup of some of the finest reader photos of the August 21 eclipse.

Product Review: Orion’s Motorized StarBlast Telescope

We test a scope that combines tracking with Dobsonian simplicity in a highly portable package.
Gary Seronik

Capturing the Universe: Choosing A Lens For Astrophotography

Is it possible to find camera optics that combine speed and quality with low cost?
Tony Puerzer

On the Moon: How Far The Moon?

A seemingly simple query has a surprisingly complex answer.
Gary Seronik

Scoping the Sky: Simple Sights In Cepheus

The sparse open cluster NGC7380 benefits from glittery surroundings and wisps of nebulosity.
Ken Hewitt-White

Cosmic Musings: Chasing The Big One

Some reflections on experiencing the August 21 total eclipse.
Terence Dickinson

Exploring the Night Sky: A Fine And Frosty Meteor Shower

A perfectly timed Geminid display, and the Moon covers Aldebaran—twice!
Alan Dyer

Constellation Corner: Pisces

Autumn’s night sky features a celestial sea populated with fish and several other interesting marine creatures.
Ken Hewitt-White

Plus much, much more!

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