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November/December 2016

Here’s what you can look forward to in the November/December 2016 issue of SkyNews.

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Product Review: A Mini Dob From Meade

We test a couple of tabletop telescopes in the LightBridge Series.
Ken Hewitt-White

10 Tips For Choosing Your First Telescope

Expert advice to help you focus on what’s really important.
Gary Seronik

Gravity’s Telescope

After a spectacular debut, the world’s first gravitational-wave detector is ready to become part of astronomy’s basic tool kit.
Ivan Semeniuk

Eta Carinae From Canada

Thanks to the Internet, you can use a dream telescope at a dream location without leaving home.
Shawn Nielsen

Exploring the Night Sky: Evening Stars and a Supermoon

Venus shines brightly during dusk, while Jupiter reappears at dawn.
Alan Dyer

Editor’s Report: My Friend Luna

A telescope can be so much more than just a piece of gear.
Gary Seronik

Capturing the Universe: Stop the World . . . I Want To Take a Photo!

A lightweight tracking mount counteracts the Earth’s rotation and opens up a universe of photographic possibilities.
Tony Puerzer

Scoping The Sky: East of Mirfak

Try veering off the beaten track in Perseus.
Ken Hewitt-White

On the Moon: Essential (Or At Least Useful) Moon Gear

A few accessories can help your telescope deliver its best lunar views.
Gary Seronik

Cosmic Musings: What is a Habitable Planet?

The Earth’s ‘sister’ world could have supported life in its distant past.
Terence Dickinson

Constellation Corner: Aries

The zodiac’s second smallest constellation was the central character in a story that created the Golden Fleece.
Ken Hewitt-White

And much more!

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