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May/June 2016

Here’s what you’ll find in the May/June 2016 issue of SkyNews.

May/June 2016 Cover

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Life on Mars?

Forty years after twin Viking landers sampled the Martian soil, the search for life on the red planet continues.
Ivan Semeniuk

2016 Mars Observing Guide

Don’t miss your chance to see the red planet at its best.
Alan Dyer

Summer 2016 Star Party Calendar

Dark night skies, telescope viewing and talks for backyard astronomers are the feature attractions at gatherings across Canada this summer.
Christine Kulyk

Constellation Corner: Draco

The skywatchers of Babylon were wary of the dragon that coiled around the axis of heaven.
Ken Hewitt-White

Exploring the Night Sky: Mercury in Transit, Mars and Saturn at Opposition

Mercury crosses the Sun for the first time since 2006, and Mars comes closer than it has since 2005.
Alan Dyer

On the Moon: How Blue the Moon?

The convoluted origins of a popular astronomical event can leave even lunaphiles puzzled.
Gary Seronik

Scoping the Sky: On the Edge in Coma Berenices

Comb through Berenice’s Hair to find the sky’s finest edge-on galaxy.
Ken Hewitt-White

Wilderness Astronomer: Lake Superior Provincial Park

A vast site with immense dark sky potential sits on the shore of the world’s biggest freshwater lake.
Peter McMahon

Northern Nights: One More Trip to the Soapbox

21 years . . . 127 essays . . . 90,000 words. Ken says it’s time for a change.
Ken Hewitt-White

And much more!

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