May/June 2019

Here’s what’s inside the May/June 2019 issue of SkyNews.

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Flashes of Brilliance

A new Canadian radio telescope probes the mystery of fast radio bursts.
Ivan Semeniuk

2019 Star Party Calendar

Escaping big-city light pollution and sharing quality time with fellow stargazing enthusiasts are among the attractions of star parties held across Canada each year.

Product Review: Astro Pixel Processor

The newest kid on the imaging block might offer all the stacking and processing capability you need.
Marc Ricard

Scoping the Sky: Vivid Venatici Venture

Try this short excursion from a nearby double star to a distant galaxy.
Ken Hewitt-White

Capturing the Universe: H-alpha Imaging With a DSLR Camera

Adventures in narrowband urban astrophotography.
Tony Puerzer

On the Moon: Peering Over the Edge

You can glimpse a portion of the Moon’s ‘unseen’ hemisphere if you play the libration game.
Gary Seronik

Exploring the Night Sky: Evening Cluster Encounters

Two solar system worlds have conjunctions with deep-sky objects, while Mercury and Mars get together.
Alan Dyer

The Binocular Sky: A Lonesome Globular Cluster

In the space between Boötes and Canes Venatici lies a binocular treasure.
Gary Seronik

Constellation Corner: Boötes

Not only is Boötes the victim of a frequently mispronounced name, he also carries a rather ambiguous mythology.
Ken Hewitt-White

Plus: Sky News Briefs, Editor’s Report, Readers’ Gallery and much more!

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