March/April 2013

March/April 2013

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A Spectacular Springtime Comet?

Expectations are high for a bright comet in the evening sky this spring, but as with all comets, this one comes with caveats. ALAN DYER

A Shot in the Dark

Trust our photographically inclined readers to scope out unique astronomical scenes for our gallery. This time, the collection stays mainly within our solar system.

What Type of Astronomy Enthusiast Are You?

From casual to serious, amateur astronomers cover the spectrum. TERENCE DICKINSON

A Tasty Lunar Sampler

The diversity of lunar landforms you can see in even a modest telescope is remarkable. GARY SERONIK

Bluewater Skies

Canada’s newest astronomy park joins two others, all within 100 kilometres of one another. PETER MCMAHON

Planets of Dead Stars

The quest for planets of other suns may lead us to consider extreme alien environments. RAY VILLARD

Subtle Beauty East of Orion

The dim figure of Monoceros follows glitzy Orion across the south at nightfall. The allure of Monoceros is hidden in the Milky Way behind it, where a prize celestial flower called the Rosette Nebula awaits telescopic inspection. KEN HEWITT-WHITE

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