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July/August 2016

Here’s what you’ll find in the July/August 2016 issue of SkyNews.

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2017 Total Eclipse Preview: Waiting for the Big One

Put yourself in the path of the Moon’s shadow for next year’s most exciting astronomical show.
Jay Anderson

Peering Into the Abyss: Seeing the Milky Way’s Dark Heart

Astronomers are on the brink of being able to see the black hole lurking at the centre of our galaxy.
Ivan Semeniuk

Beautiful Summer Double Stars

Even city observers can enjoy this selection of favourites.
David A. Rodger

Exploring the Night Sky: Mars and Saturn Share the Summer Sky

The two planets meet near Antares, while Venus and Jupiter pass oh so close.
Alan Dyer

Editor’s Report: The Joys Of Summer Stargazing

The season’s warm nights encourage you to sit back, relax and enjoy the real sky show.
Gary Seronik

Scoping The Sky: Bearing Down on the Serpent Bearer

The eastern shoulder of Ophiuchus has lots to offer binoculars and small telescopes.
Ken Hewitt-White

Wilderness Astronomer: Welcome to Night Sky National Park

After five years of searching for Canada’s best observing site, Peter has an epiphany.
Peter McMahon

On the Moon: First ‘Earthrise’ At 50

On August 23, 1966, a robotic explorer captured humankind’s first view of Earth from the Moon.
Gary Seronik

Cosmic Musings: Jupiter’s Amazing Shrinking Red Spot

You would think that 58 years of observing Jupiter would prepare me for anything.
Terence Dickinson

Constellation Corner: Ophiuchus

The giant summer constellation Ophiuchus the serpent bearer is the celestial physician.
Ken Hewitt-White

And much more!

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