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July/August 2013

July August 2013

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Contemplating Your Universe

Whether in a group or as solitary observers, astronomy enthusiasts embrace nature’s tapestry of a starry night • Terence Dickinson

Wilderness Astronomer

Five ‘killer apps’ for stargazing at a campsite
Gear doesn’t always get in the way of enjoying Canada’s wild skies. It can enhance the experience. • Peter McMahon

The Smallest Crater

Have you ever wondered which of the Moon’s myriad craters is the smallest? • Gary Seronik

Habitable Zone Questions

In April, NASA announced that the Kepler planet-hunting spacecraft had detected two super-Earth-class planets within the habitable zone around the star Kepler-62 • Ray Villard

Summer Icon: Eagle Nebula

Behold the Eagle Nebula, 6,500 light-years from Earth. Pale but enticing, the Eagle is a telescopic treat when scrutinized from a dark observing site. • Ken Hewitt-White

Observing the Cycle of Stellar Evolution

Take a tour of the star-formation process, from birth through death, in just a single night! • Glenn LeDrew

Shooting the Shooting Stars

Here are the main techniques for capturing a multitude of meteors. For the best results, seek out a dark site with an open view to the northeast and no bright urban glow on the horizon. • Alan Dyer

The ‘Loch Ness’ of Venus

The strange saga of the Ashen Light of Venus. • William Sheehan and Klaus Brasch

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