July/August 2018

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A Red, White and Cold World

Ten years after the first polar landing on Mars, scientists are gaining a new appreciation for the planet’s icy personality.
Ivan Semeniuk

Mars Watch 2018

Take advantage of this summer’s unusually close encounter and get to know the famous red planet.
Murray D. Paulson

Product Review: Stargazing Binoculars for a Range of Budgets

One of these moderately priced binoculars might be right for you.
Gary Seronik and Ken Hewitt-White

Capturing the Universe: Image-Stacking Basics

Combining multiple frames into a single photo is the secret to noise-free astro-images.
Tony Puerzer

The Binocular Sky: A Gem in Hercules

One of the brightest globular cluster in the northern sky is well positioned for early-evening viewing.
Gary Seronik

Scoping the Sky: Around the Ring

Summer is the time to visit the Ring Nebula, Lyra’s glamour resident.
Ken Hewitt-White

On the Moon: Appreciating Crater Peaks

Powerful impacts created the most impressive mountains on the Moon.
Gary Seronik

Exploring the Night Sky: Mars and Meteors at Their Best

The red planet gleams, while Perseid meteors streak through a moonless sky.
Alan Dyer

Constellation Corner: Scorpius

The scorpion crawls at the base of the sky each summer’s night until, tail raised high, it darts below the horizon.
Ken Hewitt-White

Plus: Sky News Briefs, Editor’s Report, Readers’ Gallery and much more!

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