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Editor’s Report: Onward and Upward

A special thanks to our esteemed editor and founder and a passing of the torch.

Astrofest 1999

Terence Dickinson (left) and Gary Seronik together at AstroFest in 1999.

It’s an honour to have been asked by Terence Dickinson to take over the editorship of SkyNews. As a reader, I’ve enjoyed the magazine since issue #1 (May/June 1995). Over the years, I’ve also grown to appreciate its high editorial standards — largely while working as an editor at Sky & Telescope under Leif J. Robinson and Rick T. Fienberg. With Leif’s and Rick’s guidance, I sharpened my editing skills and learned to recognize the fine points of editorial excellence. And SkyNews was excellent right from the beginning. That’s due to Terry’s skills as both a writer and an editor (skills that don’t often go hand in hand) and also his clear-eyed vision of what SkyNews should be.

As the magazine’s new editor, I want to assure you, first and foremost, that Terry and I have the same vision for the magazine. There will be no radical changes. Tweaks and improvements, yes. But a major overhaul, no. I believe the apt expression is “don’t mess with success.” I expect to continue making little midcourse corrections like those Terry himself implemented throughout the magazine’s run.

Ken and Gary on Kobau

SkyNews editor Gary Seronik (right) and associate editor Ken Hewitt-White at the Mt. Kobau Star Party. Photo by Ellen Rooney

One change I made right away, though, was to increase the editorial responsibilities of Ken Hewitt-White. Ken is a talented writer and a fine editor. I’ll be leaning on him to help maintain the exceptional level of quality Terry established. It’s perhaps a tribute to Terry’s abilities that it’s going to take one Seronik and one Hewitt-White to (hopefully) add up to a single Dickinson. But, of course, Ken and I won’t be alone. SkyNews is fortunate to have a great team of talented individuals to make sure each issue is full of great content, attractively presented.

Speaking of great content, I’m very happy to announce that in the next issue of SkyNews, Terry will introduce a new, regular column named “Cosmic Musings.” Terry’s voice is an integral part of the magazine, and I’m pleased that he’s agreed to return to his desk at least often enough to pen this exciting and informative column. And while he’s at his desk, I’m sure Terry will get more than a few phone calls from a certain new editor seeking his advice.

Editor Gary Seronik invites your comments and astronomy-related observations and photos, which can be directed to him at [email protected].

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2 comments on “Editor’s Report: Onward and Upward
  1. John says:

    Editor’s Report: Onward and Upward
    Nice written. I hope Terry will also write a piece on what he is planning for the future.

  2. Allan Smith says:

    Mr. Dickenson, thank you for sharing the universe with astronomers of all skill levels. I look forward to reading about your cosmic musings as soon as they are available.

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