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Eclipse viewer sales are now closed

We are no longer selling viewers online, but newsstand copies of the September/October SkyNews magazine include a free eclipse viewer and tear-out guide!

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In the Magazine

January/February 2017: Alan Dyer’s Top 10 Sky Sights for 2017. Includes chart for bright stars and planets visible during totality.

March/April 2017: The hows and whys of eclipses are explained by David A. Rodger in Celestial Shadow Show.

May/June 2017: Five SkyNews contributors recount their most memorable eclipse experiences in My Favourite Eclipse.

July/August 2017: Look for Alan Dyer’s eclipse photography tips, Paul Deans’ guide to viewing the August 21 spectacle, and more.

September/October 2017: Now on newsstands: Special eclipse coverage including special tear-out eclipse essentials and bonus eclipse viewer!