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Roughing It in the Bush With Gassendi

By John Lindblad

This week’s transit of Mercury takes me back to May 9, 2016, my first time seeing the event. Read more ›

Categories: Observing Reports

Enjoy the Geminids

Don’t let chilly weather keep you from watching one of the year’s best meteor showers. Read more ›

Categories: Observing the Sky

SkyNews Solar Eclipse Photo Contest

The contest is now closed. The winner will be announced in the November/December issue of SkyNews.
Read more ›

Categories: Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017: How to View the Total Eclipse

Practical advice about what to look for when the Moon covers the Sun on August 21. Read more ›

Categories: Eclipse 2017, Eclipses

Eclipse 2017: Enjoying the Partial Eclipse

Even if you can’t travel to the centre line, there’s still something to see. Read more ›

Categories: Eclipse 2017, Eclipses

Eclipse 2017: The Celestial Shadow Show

What will cause the Sun to black out on August 21 and why doesn’t it happen everywhere? Read more ›

Categories: Eclipse 2017, Eclipses

Editor’s Report: Eclipse Reality Versus Eclipse Hype

The big day is nearly here, but can the August total eclipse live up to expectations? Read more ›

Categories: Eclipse 2017, Eclipses, Editor's Report

Surprise Aurora Show

On the night of May 27/28 observers got to see a rare display of northern lights. Read more ›

Categories: Aurora

Eclipse 2017: Waiting for the Big One

Put yourself in the path of the Moon’s shadow for this year’s most exciting astronomical show. Read more ›

Categories: Eclipse 2017, Eclipses

A Fast Moving Binocular Comet

Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova zips through the predawn sky this weekend. Read more ›

Categories: Comets and Asteroids

Heading to Solar Minimum

Sunspot numbers continue to decline as 2017 begins.
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Categories: Observing the Sky

A Guide to Observing Jupiter

The giant planet is a telescope-user’s delight with interesting cloud belts, spots, and other fascinating features. Read more ›

Categories: Moon and Planets
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