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Total Eclipse Voyage

With minutes and seconds to go, it was unclear whether we were going to see the eclipse. Read more ›

Categories: Observing Reports

A Sunrise Partial Eclipse

A solar spectacle starts the day for observers in eastern Canada. Read more ›

Categories: Eclipses, Gallery, Observing Reports

A Spotted Sun

Even during a weak solar maximum, the show must go on. Read more ›

Categories: Observing Reports

Comet ISON Observing Report

I shot Comet ISON on October 8, on the first cloud-free morning we’ve had in a while. Read more ›

Categories: Comet ISON, Comets and Asteroids, Observing Reports

Reader Report: Toronto RASC September Dark-Sky Party

Clear, dark skies. The Milky Way overhead. And just before midnight: Pleiades rising. Read more ›

Categories: Observing Reports
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