Thebacha and Wood Buffalo Dark Sky Festival August 2017

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Surprise Aurora Show

On the night of May 27/28 observers got to see a rare display of northern lights. Read more ›

Categories: Aurora

Eclipse 2017: Waiting for the Big One

Put yourself in the path of the Moon’s shadow for this year’s most exciting astronomical show. Read more ›

Categories: Eclipse 2017, Eclipses

A Fast Moving Binocular Comet

Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova zips through the predawn sky this weekend. Read more ›

Categories: Comets and Asteroids

Heading to Solar Minimum

Sunspot numbers continue to decline as 2017 begins.
Read more ›

Categories: Observing the Sky

A Guide to Observing Jupiter

The giant planet is a telescope-user’s delight with interesting cloud belts, spots, and other fascinating features. Read more ›

Categories: Moon and Planets

The Lunar Name Game

Who was Clavius, and why is one of the biggest craters on the Moon named after him? Read more ›

Categories: Moon and Planets

The Sky That Nearly Stands Still

Why do some constellations linger, while others quickly exit the celestial stage? Read more ›

Categories: Stars and Constellations

Amazing Mars Video

The red planet at opposition as you’ve never seen it before. Read more ›

Categories: Moon and Planets

Grab-and-Go Astronomy

Enjoyable night-sky sessions sometimes last only a few minutes. Read more ›

Categories: Observing the Sky, Stargazing Gear, Telescopes and Accessories

A Guide to Observing Mars

Here’s how you can see the red planet at its very best.
Read more ›

Categories: Moon and Planets

Mercury’s Day in the Sun

The speedy little planet crossed the solar disc for the first time since 2006. Read more ›

Categories: Moon and Planets

Time for T

A recurring nova in Corona Borealis might be getting ready to blow. Read more ›

Categories: Observing the Sky, Stars and Constellations
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